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January 25, 2009 / ilegirl


As I child, I suffered from existential angst.  It was the natural outcome of being a minigeek.  While other girls had crushes on Peter Frampton, I had a poster of Igor Stravinsky pinned up on my bedroom wall, and was thrilled to run across a photo of rotund Vladmir Nabokov wielding a butterfly net.  I uttered Albert Einstein’s name in hushed, admiring tones, and read the collected works of Colette numerous times.

Though I have generally resolved my angst, I still carry the interest in early twentieth century art and science, and more recently a fascination with apparel design ranging from 1920 – 1940.   Yesterday I dropped off some items for donation to a thrift store, and afterwards as I browsed the glass section in search of a particular vintage pattern I collect, I caught sight of a bronze silk gown in a 1930’s cut hanging on an adjacent rack.  Though a reproduction, it was beautifully done.  Four dollars later and I am the owner of a simple and gorgeous evening gown.

What a pity I have no place to wear it.


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  1. Amber / Jan 25 2009 11:51 pm

    Awwww I have beautiful jewelry to go with that…lol

    Im sure you’ll look astonishing! The bronze will look amazing with your eyes!

  2. ilegirl / Jan 26 2009 7:56 pm

    Amber, I should have know you would have jewelry to match! How about a tiara?

    The dress looks pretty darn good on, too. Sleeveless, v-neck, silk cut on the bias for that classic drape. It’s so pretty, I might have to throw a cocktail party for the chance to wear it.

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