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October 18, 2009 / ilegirl

The Old Grey Mare

Having read today that Scott Schumann will be in San Francisco on Wednesday for a book signing, I am mentally ransacking my closet.

How thrilling would it be to construct an outfit of such style and ease that it might grace the pages of a favorite blog!  And yet, I see only tired khakis, ancient clodhoppers, and uninspired scarves littering the landscape.  I looked away for a moment, and turned back to find that I have been transformed into a middle aged woman.


Is it truly important to the health of the earth and the well-being of humanity that I have a unique style?  No, certainly not.  But I can argue that my professional role in this world fails to pass the same test, as does the fact that I am married and childless, or a dog mom, or a constant walker, or the owner of a quirky house with a trecherously steep set of stairs.  All these are expressions of who I am rather than contributions to the universal good.

(I could, by the way, also make an argument that all of these – including a commitment to fashion – do contribute in that I responsibly consume products and purchase services which generate income for other people, and those people pay taxes, and those taxes provide services to the elderly and indigent, and caring for those in need is the hallmark of Civilized Society.  But, that would then ruin the fun of being both self-absorbed and self-deprecating, wouldn’t it?)

And so I find my thoughts turning to the well-tailored silk coat I bought at a thrift shop, a hunting green riding jacket from a vintage clothing store, classic black trousers, a little heeled boot, and a scarf in my clan’s tartan to round it out.

I am regretting the vintage Chloe pencil skirt my (former) dry cleaner accidentally threw away along with 3 other customer’s clothing during some construction debris confusion when he remodeled his shop, and the spectator wedges I tried on twice at the consignment store yesterday but left behind.  I am regretting the vintage Little Black Dress, charming 1940’s style with a pleated waistband, discarded when I moved from one temporary abode to another.  I regret the shocking yellow patent leather flats that my mother hated so much, and which mysteriously disappeared (along with some 1980’s funky geometric earrings, a gift from an ex-boyfriend) once I moved out of my parents’ house.



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  1. Meraj / Oct 19 2009 12:31 am

    i like the way you write…reminds me of Virginia Woolf 🙂

  2. ilegirl / Oct 31 2009 10:07 pm

    Thank you, Meraj – what a wonderful compliment as I adore Virginia Woolf!

    By the way, San Fransicans wishing to meet the intrepid Sartorialist reportedly queued up for what was in many cases hours long waits. Media coverage included some delightful descriptions of the outfits espied along the route.

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