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January 2, 2011 / ilegirl

Personal Style

In spite of appearances, I love apparel.  I even have a personal style, though I seldom indulge myself.  Being sensitive to both heat and cold, and very particular about fabric content, and exceptionally thrifty, I tend toward jeans and layers of t-shirts or sweaters on the weekends, and for work I have a sort of uniform consisting of black trousers and layered sweaters.

I resort to the uniform for a couple of reasons.  First, comfort is of critical importance.  I’m one of those fast-walkers in the office hallway, and have a tendency to reach a good trotting speed while popping up or down the stairs.  Heels can be so uncomfortable, and I have a penchant for minimalism in my footwear, so I’ve resigned myself to flats in generic colors.  This makes me feel ridiculously boring, but at the same time I suffer less from toe cramps now that I’ve shelved the 4″ stilettos.  My garments are selected for comfort as well.  The office where I work seems either cold or hot, and so I layer accordingly.  I even keep an ’emergency sweater’ on the coathook behind my office door for those occasions when 95-degree weather outdoors is contrasted by a 55-degree setting indoors.  Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just slightly – but not much!

Second, my actual personal style doesn’t feel work-appropriate.  No, I am not into tube tops and micro-mini skirts, but I work with extraordinarily conservative folks who are not quite so likely to appreciate kurti and leggings or retro-inspired dresses.  The environment constrains me.

Finally, at 45 I am discovering that what was cute and stylish on a 25-year-old tends to look weird or desperate on me.  I’m not desperate, and view myself as rather in the eclectic band of the weirdness spectrum, so this is not desirable.  Magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar are a lark to read but truly there’s a dearth of material on everyday outfits.  Do I really need an evening gown?  I think not.  Likewise, the daydresses tend to be cut too short for a woman of a certain age.

Actually, the above are excuses, not reasons.  I think I’ve become rather lazy when it comes to personal style.  I love the Katharine Hepburn look, but do I make the effort?  Nope – not even a little.  Perhaps this can be one of my 2011 resolutions: rediscover my style and adapt it for everyday wear.

For appropriate inspiration I turn to my friend’s blog, The Dashing Eccentric.


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