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January 8, 2011 / ilegirl

Spring on the catwalk

As Spring will be here before long, and I’ve nothing to wear, I’ve been on the hunt for reasonable work-appropriate apparel. I might be a geek, but I don’t have to dress like one. I made the mistake of going here and discovering that my personal style and that of several clothing designers don’t dovetail. And these were items that were deemed most wearable. Adding now to my common complaint (‘Ready-to-wear doesn’t fit off the rack and requires alterations.’): the fashion trends this year are boring reruns. Military tops  again? Come on! Let’s see some originality!

I’ll admit, this reflects my own bias against military style. I suppose I find it too studied, like a costume, and overly-tailored. That’s just me – I’m certain to walk down a busy city street one afternoon and admire how well a passerby carries off such a look.

That aside, the point that comes to mind when perusing such fashion sites and magazines is that for me the photos simply reinforce that self-same difference I’ve occasionally mentioned here before – style and fashion are not synonymous. A day dress with a high neckline may be fashionable, but on a lot of women will not look – or feel, which is much more important – stylish.

And then we’re down to the fundamental question, one which many good gentlemen of my acquaintance may not understand: why is style important?

To me, style is a means of asserting my individuality.  It’s not necessary to life, but one way of introducing some satisfaction and pleasure into the equation.  The search for a garment that enhances or reflects something I like about myself is one means of acknowledging that there is something interesting or likeable about me.  The discovery of such a garment is a small thrill, and to wear it is to feel comfortable in my skin. 

I could get pretty esoteric about this, but I’ll keep it simple by stopping here since it’s a weekend and I have to ration my synapses.


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