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January 15, 2011 / ilegirl

To which day are we referring?

We are enjoying what will assuredly be a brief respite from the bitter* cold of winter.  To pass an idle half hour or two, I’ve begun considering acquisitions for my Spring 2011 wardrobe.  Okay, so I say that with a bit more flourish than will be realized.  However, I am determined to secure a few good foundation pieces, and with a large work project which will with certainty require long hours in the office it’s imperative that what I wear is comfortable.  I have a sense of what will work, and am keeping an open mind.  I’m prepared! 

This evening I started the search for ‘day dresses’.  Several results were suggested.  I took some links.  And immediately it was discouraging:  a significant proportion of the ‘day dresses’ looked like club wear:  hemline at high thigh, animal prints, lingerie straps.  Hardly (1) office appropriate, or (2) comfortable.

It soon became apparent that patience was required, and after a few more false starts I found myself at eShakti which has a decent selection of stuff that doesn’t appear to have been pulled from the closet of a wannabe Paris Hilton, and ran across this potential, which on the surface appears to pass the sniff test, and has a cute embellishment:

I’ve found myself drawn to dresses recently, as they are comfortable and expedite the morning dressing routine.  I’ve finally landed on the right combination of winter shoes, too, which eliminates some of the frustration I’d experienced in the past relating to pairing correctly.  One of my Christmas gifts from my husband was a little black knit dress with a surplice neckline and 3/4 length sleeves – a classic cut making a great foundation piece that will likely serve me for some years to come.

Spring is a challenge.  I struggle here with shoes, as I’m not keen on heels and not a fan of flip-flops either.  I’ll have to do some additional hunting in that area, because I can’t get the dress above until I can find the right footwear.

* bitter = less than 50 degrees.  Recall that I live in California!


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