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January 16, 2011 / ilegirl

Instant gratification

Okay, not precisely instant but as close as I can get to it without actually going to a store and having to sift through rack of clothes; ordered early this morning through Amazon:

Titania Golf Knit Argyle Sweater Australian/Tartan


and … an unpictured staple, cashmere sweater in a neutral tone called sand shell.

I share a philosophy with many which, like carbon credits, offsets such acquisitions: one in, one out.  Last weekend in a caffeine-induced fit of organization I ruthlessly sorted through things I don’t wear anymore, or which are damaged beyond repair, or which are in colors that are all wrong for me.  This week I had a struggle to assemble outfits which were warm enough for the freakishly chilly office in which I work, but layered in such a way as to allow for shedding when outdoors for lunch or smoke; thus, the need for some sweaters.

I don’t have the courage to actually post pictures of myself wearing outfits and discuss their relative success or failure.  Maybe someday, when my hair looks decent (I’m growing it out and it’s currently in that intermediate lank state, fomenting great dissatisfaction and temptation to shave my head and be done with it forever), or when I’ve firmed up those soft abs (damn the Friday donuts at work!), or when I get that rhinoplasty I’ve wanted since 13.


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  1. tiny junco / Jan 18 2011 7:42 am

    hee hee hee ……. and so it begins…. welcome to style
    nation! ; ) steph p.s. i wuv yer nose! besides, i was reading a
    rhinoplasty book for docs in a waiting room once, and there’s a
    very good chance you’ll have to get it ‘tuned up’ in ten years.
    ugh. but, in the end, it’s YOUR nose : )

    • ilegirl / Jan 18 2011 7:57 pm

      I’ve gone to the Dark Side! 🙂

      A 10-year schnoz tuneup might be doable. I’ll work it into my Master Plan.

  2. ilegirl / Jan 24 2011 10:15 pm

    Update: yay – the sweaters have arrived!

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