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January 21, 2011 / ilegirl

Thinking clearly

I’ve spent the past hour searching for just the right pair of springtime oxfords, and finally located them.  I’m planning to order them next week, as I have this thing about buying new stuff the week between paychecks.  It’s a holdover from those days when we lived on pasta as it was inexpensive and filling.  I learned to make an awesome scratch marinara.  Seriously delicious.  Pretty good for a Scottish chick, huh?

Oh yeah – we were discussing shoes.

At first I was so stoked I thought I’d post a photo of my find.  But what the heck was I thinking?  I came to my senses.  What if someone happened to see the shoes here and hunt them down, buy up everything in my size, and then next week when it’s time to make that purchase I’d be left disappointed. Bereft, even.  I’d have to drown my sorrows in Cosmopolitans (drink, not mag).  The basis for my entire spring work wardrobe – poof!  – vanished. 

So instead of posting a picture of the actual shoes, I’m settling for a mere gloat.


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