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February 20, 2011 / ilegirl

Will Surf for Shoes


Thankfully, the pointed-toe shoe which was de rigeur in past seasons has lost some of its appeal.  I like to think this was due to influence by persons such as myself, whose feet require something approaching comfort, support and stability, and whose sense of style is ever so slightly offended when looking down and realizing the pointy toe extends up to 2″ past one’s actual large toe.  I felt like a mutant clown wearing these styles.

Regardless of the source for this change in direction, I’m thrilled that I can once again locate roundy-toe shoes interpreted with some liveliness and offered in some cool colors.

Recently I’ve begun cataloging my shoes – not a difficult feat (if you’ll pardon the pun) given the small collection currently residing in my closet.

In fact, an inventory of current footwear indicates that the number has dropped to below the minimum a lady requires.

While going through the exercise of photographing these shoes, I found the differences in style interesting.  It’s as if two different people shopped:  one purchased the high wedge Max Studio sandals, and someone else bought the vintage Duck Head oxfords. 

I suppose that’s to be expected.  After all, each day is different, bringing different moods and lending a slightly different aesthetic to our life experiences.  For me, I like the idea of expressing these differences by varying my footwear, though I frequently fall back to these comfortable and versatile flats:

I have to confess, I’ve recently reconsidered my approach to footwear. Quality materials endure, and while fashion is fickle one’s personal style – while not a constant – has some stability.  That is, if one has a clear concept of that personal style.

Maybe that’s the trick: identifying that personal style.  For me, the issue is that I dislike mirrors, dislike trying on clothes, and really don’t relish a whole lot about the clothes shopping experience.  That’s why I end up doing much of my shopping online, where I don’t have to contend with trying to find a parking place in downtown Walnut Creek, or dealing with schlepping over to San Francisco and having to carry bags of stuff, then often having to compete against the wealthier/younger/more fashion-savvy for sales assistant attention.  Argh.  It all makes me irritable just to consider!

Clearly, though, there are far worse problems in life.  It wouldn’t kill me to stimulate the local economy a bit by getting out there and participating in the brick-and-mortar world.  And snarky or inattentive salesfolks deserve a bit of constructive coaching, while the good ones deserve the commissions and positive feedback.  And the upside is getting some more experience trying different styles to see what resonates.

I’ve almost talked myself into driving downtown this morning and making a go of this.  But we’ll see – I may yet change my mind and creep back onto the pc to surf for shoes.


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