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May 1, 2011 / ilegirl

On second thought …

Thinking about thinking.

More specifically, thinking about how I tend to rank thoughts as good or bad.  For example, thinking about shoes is bad cuz it’s materialistic and superficial.  Thinking about God and country is good because it’s all about the human condition (unless it’s what I am currently thinking about religion, which would fall into the BAD category).

I’m certainly not alone.  I know it.  There are thousands, and perhaps millions, who struggle or have succumbed to this Puritanical method of judging thought.  I’m descended from some people who stumbled off the sixth ship of immigrants to what is now US soil.  I suppose that means I have the credentials to be neurotic and uptight.

These thoughts about thinking arise from a delicious conversation with Dashing Eccentric yesterday, whilst we dove into my closet and I received loads of inspiration on assembling outfits from the garments I already own.  We shared theories on why women tend to shop for more clothing than they require, or can even have the time to wear.  One of the ideas we tossed about was that repressing thoughts about one’s wardrobe leads to a sort of garment-amnesia, which can be temporarily satisfied in purchasing a new article of clothing.  Until it happens again. 

There is a sort of guilt I’ve often encountered amongst those in my acquaintance, buried under an affectation of superiority, which has categorized discussion of style as inane or anti-intellectual.  To this I say:  phooey!  There’s no need to justify one’s thoughts on topics that are related to ideas.  Style, fashion, textiles – all are ideas.  Ideas are interesting.  Ideas are fun.  Ideas are much more entertaining and stimulating than gossip.  Ideas lead to more ideas. 

With consciousness of this inner critic, I catch myself thinking, I shouldn’t be thinking about that Margaret O’Leary dress, and counter with, O yes  o yes – it’s the most divine dress!


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