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May 9, 2011 / ilegirl

5-9-11 Trying texture

I found an interesting little jacket in the clearance section of a consignment store last weekend, and as the price was right it ended up coming home with me.

Yesterday as I was assembling outfits for the coming week I decided to pair the jacket with tan linen trousers and a sleeveless wrap top.

Originally I tried the scarf as a belt over the wrap top, and decided the scarf needed more exposure so I tucked it under the jacket collar.  In retrospect, I ought to have stuck with the belt concept as I find the scarf makes the outfit look fussy and a bit too conservative.  I also ended up adjusting the thing off and on all day, which was pretty annoying.

The jacket is a good piece, with a nice mix of colors.  I can pair it with browns, tans and blacks.  And it worked really well with my vintage bead bracelet.  I wasn’t certain about the fringe at first, but has a sort of softening affect when viewed from afar.



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  1. tiny junco / May 12 2011 6:35 am

    oh yeah, baby (does embarrassing ‘honky victory dance’)!

    great choice! the cut is really nice, hem at just the right spot. the fringe is genius – it really zests it up. i think the scarf looks nice, it’s not overly ‘THERE’ and adds a nice accent. fussing with stuff is a pain, and it would be really nice as a belt too.

    i like the texture on you too! that jacket will go with a ton of your pieces, even with denim if you want. Yay!!!!

    now, a question from the entire household (well, maybe not the cat so much): what does ‘ilegirl’ mean or come from? happy day! steph

  2. tiny junco / May 12 2011 6:36 am

    p.s. great cuffs, esp. with that bracelet! what’s the label on the jacket? steph

  3. ilegirl / May 22 2011 6:43 pm

    Thanks, Steph. I think the jacket is a keeper, and I scored a great deal on it as it was on the out-of-season clearance rack at a consignment store; think I paid all of twelve bucks for it. As you know, I love a good deal, so I was pretty stoked. The jacket is at the cleaner now, and I’m drawing a blank on the label so I’ll have to report back.

    I’m having regrets about the trousers. They are linen, and I really like the weave and the neutral color. But they seem a bit on the wide side, and in looking at the photo I see they add width where width really doesn’t exist. If I had hellaciously long legs, it would work but as I don’t I think they may require a slight alteration to narrow them down a bit so the proportion is right for me.

    So, the origins of ilegirl: ILE is an acronym for Integrated Language Environment, which (to keep the explanation brief) is a development environment and architecture specific to a series of IBM hardware whereupon I learned business application program development utilizing a near-extinct language called RPG. At the time I started blogging, this nom-de-plume seemed awfully clever. Now, however, I have reason to reconsider: our shop is transitioning to a completely different technology.

  4. tiny junco / May 23 2011 7:30 am

    huh. we thought it had to do with islands (ile being island in french). the real reason is less romantic 😉

    argh!! pictures lie!!!! the fabric of those pants is thin, and it moves and flows a lot when you walk. those trou don’t look like they do in that picture – in real life they are constantly moving and hitting against your legs. the brain puts all of that information together and so the ‘look’ you see in your brain is less voluminous. the picture is just showing you 1/64th of a second (plus flash reflects off of the surface of the fabric, giving it yet more ‘weight’).

    if you take those pants in more than 1/4″ on each side you start to run the risk of them looking skimpy, which probably isn’t what you want for work wear. i would leave them be unless you see a lot of volume in the mirror while walking. even in this picture, i think your figure looks very nicely balanced, wider at the shoulder but not weirdly so. your legs don’t look short or long, they look just a nice length.

    anyways, sorry to rant on you!! it’s just that pictures really do lie about a lot, there are a number of garments that look great in real life but are just hard to photograph – if something looks great or fine in the mirror but not in a pic, i’d say trust the mirror (unless you are dressing specifically for a picture – then choose the more photogenic item).

    it’s one of the dangers of blogging – there is one blogger in particular who takes drool-worthy photos, then you go see what she actually wore (from a chain store) and it is just flat out junk. (not even junque!) but take a pic of anything in the 20 minutes after the sun scoots under the horizon and it glows from within.

    if you do alter those trou, you mite want to take a wee bit in at the inseam – the crotch looks a little low (tho within the realm of good fit). well, i better stop now before this ends up like war and peace! hope you had a great weekend, take care, steph

  5. ilegirl / May 23 2011 8:49 pm

    Depends on one’s perspective – I think code is supremely romantic. Check out some of my code snippets! 🙂

    You are probably right about the trousers, but I still feel like something isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s the shoes that leave me not-quite-satisfied with this outfit. Loafers feel kind of dowdy, even if they are these very cute brown with a pewter undertone. Perhaps the brown slingbacks en route to me this very moment (!!) will be better. I’ll give these pants another chance at life!

  6. ilegirl / May 29 2011 4:49 pm

    Back from the dry cleaners … the blazer is Doncaster.

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