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May 23, 2011 / ilegirl

5-23-11 Dear Diary …

Recently, my dear friend Dashing Eccentric graciously offered her assistance with a closet dive, and over the course of a Saturday afternoon helped me to assemble several outfits suitable for work.

This was good fun, and exceptionally educational as well.  On workday eve, I have a tendency to open the closet, assemble something that makes a conventional outfit, wear it the next day, then feel vaguely plagued by the result.  I suppose this ambiguous sense of dissatisfaction is what compelled me in the first place to search for a style that feels less constrained by the norm.  I love clothes, and am drawn to simplicity, texture, drape and natural fibres.  Putting these together, and feeling both appropriate and comfortable, contributes to an overall sense of liberty.

I have a pretty decent collection of pieces, and a very helpful tailor who has steered me in the right direction on more than a few alterations.  I don’t tend to spend much money, either; all of the best pieces I own were unearthed through tenacious mining at thrift and consignment shops.  I’m lucky to live near more than a few of these.

After the closet dive (future post coming on this topic!), I realized that I treat my working self with more respect than my leisure self.  And so I began combing catalogs in search of handsome loungewear and other casual items to augment my off-the-clock wardrobe.  And from this catalog dive, a style diary was born.


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