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May 30, 2011 / ilegirl

5/30/11 – Kurti

I am mad for kurtis and kurti-like tops, and have assembled a small collection.  I love the flowy look.  I love the potent exoticism.  I find the drape comfortable and charming.

The first challenge is working on layering.  The weather in the SF Bay Area is pretty temperate most of the year, with the exception of a few blazing days toward the end of summer.  The temperature can range 40 degrees from midday to night, and I am unfortunately one of those people who has a narrow range of temperature comfort:  above 85 and I’m hot; under 70 and I need layers.  During cooler weather I’ll slip a kurti atop a turtleneck and feel pretty comfy.  It’s the top layer though which poses a problem, as the sleeve width gets crammed into a traditional jacket.  I’ve been on the hunt for something looser in the sleeve so that all that fabric doesn’t get bunched up, but warm enough to suit.

The second challenge are bottoms.  For the Zara tunic, this isn’t much of a problem as it’s long enough to lend itself well to leggings.   While I like the look of skinny jeans on others, I’m not fond of wearing them myself so this isn’t a great option.  I’ve found a few narrow – not skinny – straight-leg trousers.  But I’m not completely satisfied.  I keep looking for the solution that will be comfortable and work for me.

But yesterday, which was sunny and while not precisely warm was not really cold either, I wore the Banana Republic atop a white cotton ribbed tank top and my straight-leg Lee jeans.  When I had to venture outdoors I added a Tweeds cotton fleece jacket, and though had to fuss with the sleeves a bit was able to make it work satisfactorily.  I felt good:  physically comfortable, and comfortable with the style as an expression of the mellow side of me (yes, it exists!).


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