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June 2, 2011 / ilegirl

6/2/11 Closet Shot

Below is a picture of 1/2 my closet.

Closet shot - tops and trousers

I might just be a teensy bit neurotic about my closet.  Sure, the hangers are color coded (dresses, suits, trousers, jackets and cardis on purple; tops on green.  Oh no: I see a pair of leggings on a green hanger and a cami on purple!).  Yes, the items are organized by category (camis, tanks, kurtis, button-downs, long-sleeve knits, short-sleeve knits).  Sure, there’s a little bag in the closet for collecting items non grata so that later I can place them in a donation staging area (e.g., guest room closet) where if they are not used within a certain period of time they will become donation fodder.  Absolutely, I use the ribbon-on-hanger system for determining which items I’ve not worn and which, after a suitable period of time, are subsequent candidates for said donation staging area.  And of course, all of the tops are hung with the front facing in the same direction.

I call it organized.  Others may see it as disturbed.

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