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June 7, 2011 / ilegirl

6/7/11 Outfit of the day

This outfit resulted from last night’s impetuous mood.  After a somewhat draining and long day at work, I wanted to both (1) clear my head, and (2) be in a position to make a very simple decision.

I started with an orange dress I’d picked up while consignment shopping on Saturday.  The dress is rather too short for work, so I paired it with the gold trousers below, and went with black slingback flats.  Not a good look!  After fussing with the dress, I finally hit upon a weekend-appropriate look.  But I needed something for work.

Back to the gold trousers.  I love the color, but it needed a more sedate partner on top to balance out the shine.  And just for fun, these saddle shoes added an unconventional aspect to the outfit.  I kept the accessories simple: pearl earrings, a chain embellished with amber glass beads, and my favorite vintage bracelet for good measure.


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