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June 11, 2011 / ilegirl

Closet Dive! Part I

A few weeks ago, Stephanie offered to evaluate my current wardrobe and assemble outfits for work.  I eagerly agreed to this lovely offer, and after removing my sliding closet doors we spent an afternoon hauling out the goods and snapping shots – much to the delight of Sadie, who at various times throughout this endeavor happily snuggled atop mounds of garments.

The experience was immediate and heady, and I gained a lot of mileage out of the experimentation in subsequent weeks despite not having the photos in hand.  I finally retrieved the shots today, and as I sifted through found myself surprised at what ended up resonating for me.

This shot above, for example, combines a summery cotton dress (Maggie London) with a thick wool cardigan (Tweeds) and flat leather boots (Nine and Company).  While the look is cohesive, it’s slightly unconventional in mixing pattern, weights and texture in a manner that, for me, was quite evocative.  I felt at once energized and creative.

Below, this outfit embodies that mix of pragmatic and feminine that I desire so much:  little Billabong sweatshirt swing jacket with a light cotton Boden dress.

More to come on this topic, followed by the narrative analysis Steph provided!

By the way, the wine bottles seen in the first photo are empty – they’re my boot buddies.  I use (similarly empty) beer bottles for my short boots.  I had the idea from Kendi (though it was a long time ago, can’t remember the context of the post, and so the hyperlink is to her blog’s home page).  It’s another one of those marvelous reuse ideas I love so much.


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