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June 23, 2011 / ilegirl

Closet Dive: Finale

After playing with garment combinations, looking at the photos, and reading the analysis, I have a few observations.

I’m drawn to lighter shades – camel over brown, for example.  Darker tones don’t really suit my personality, and I feel rather out of place.  I feel more comfortable in lighter colors.  I like looking at them.  And warm, light colors suit my skin tone as well.

The exception is, I like a good black dress; and in fact, a couple of weeks ago I found just such a one which suits me well.

As Steph pointed out, there were a few holes in my wardrobe.  Since the dive, I found a brown tweed jacket, a caramel-tone structured cardigan, and some brown wedges nice enough to wear with skirts or trousers; all of these pieces mix well into my current wardrobe and allow me several more options.

I also recently bought a handful of belts at a thrift shop to try out different methods of cinching in some of the looser-fitting tops and sweaters.

After a bit of pondering and some vague searching, I accidentally ran across just the shoes I wanted: a pair of chunky dress sandals with a modern twist, made by a comfort brand, and on sale for 70% off retail.

Finally, I decided I need a more interesting haircut.


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