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July 16, 2011 / ilegirl


I needed to practice for the yet-to-be-scheduled Fancy Pants outing.

So I hit St. Vincent de Paul (or as I call it, V de P) this afternoon.

Score!  2 blouses I can wear to work, a thin silk wallet for those times I want to carry a small purse, a groovy little handbag that won’t be out of place at work but is also fun for going out, and an unusual maxi skirt.

I’m pretty stoked about this skirt.  It was misfiled on the trousers rack, and I wouldn’t have seen it had I not been trying on a jacket that looked great on hanger but sadly crappy on me.  The skirt was behind me, reflected in the mirror – the merest shadow of army green printed with characters.

I grabbed it and did a cursory try-on over my jeans (no dressing rooms at this particular shop).  The faint promise of success was enough, and it came home with me.  Once there, I pulled out various tops and shoes to try, and am pleased that this interesting piece blends nicely with my color scheme.

Already I have 3 potential wearings in my future:  tomorrow, when I head out to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens for a tour; Friday for Pi Approximation/Trek Fest night (will go well with my black rhinestone Pi tee!); and at the end of the month for a reunion for one of my husband’s former bands.


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