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September 17, 2011 / ilegirl

Packing light

I am a poseur.  I’m one of those people who claims she will pack light yet, at the last moment, goes with the check-in-size case.

I do all of the right things:  I plan, I make a list, I coordinate a wardrobe, I economically roll up fluffy garments into neat packets which will fit perfectly into a carry-on bag.  Inevitably, however, I can’t bear the deprivation and switch to the 22″ wheeled bag.  On one 5-day trip I packed no fewer than 9 pair of shoes.  Nine.  9!

So you can imagine that packing for a long weekend in Hawaii was tortuous.  It all started out innocently enough; this was, after all, quite literally a matter of 4 tank tops, 2 bathing suits, a couple of skirts, and sandals.  This should not be an ordeal.

As usual, though, what began as a compact stack of pieces and a lovely sense of righteous simplicity was marred by doubts.  I recall a springtime trip to Mexico during which I was chilly in the evenings and had not brought a sweater.  I recall the trip to Puerto Rico when my skirt was drenched and Housekeeping was not able to dry it in time for a scheduled dinner engagement.

I repacked everything into the 22″ wheeled bag at 4:30 am.

Then I remembered the last trip to Hawaii, for which I’d packed 9 pair of shoes and wore 3.

At 5 am I repacked into a compact carry-on.  And I had plenty of room for 2 pair of sandals.  And we left the house on time, with no difficulty reaching the airport and making the flight.

Once there, I realized that I ought to have brought the long, lightweight, white linen dress I’d packed into the wheeled bag.  Hawaii was having a heat wave, and the sun was particularly strong.  I ended up quite burnt up.  I bought a little hat the second day to help keep the sun off my schnaz.

I also regretted not having brought a book.  This was probably the first vacation we’d taken when I had not brought something to read – including camping trips.  I had a book downloaded on my iPhone, but after I exchanged my phone a few weeks ago I had neglected to resync my iBooks app.  The worst omission was not bringing a journal, as I’m an habitual writer and feel quite lost without pen and paper.

Overall though, I was pretty well pleased with myself for packing light.  This is what I brought:

Worn on the plane – lace trimmed cami, cotton lace trimmed white 3/4 sleeve blouse, denim straight skirt, black cotton leggings, lightweight jacket, slip-on Sanita sandals.

Packed into the carry-on:  4 tank tops, 2 skirts, 1 shorts, 2 bathing suits, nightgown, underthingies, 1 pair flaps, 1 pair flat gold sandals, bath necessities.

Packed into my purse:  shawl, cosmetics bag, smaller crocheted purse, folding shopper, and the regular purse stuff (wallet, keys, etc.).

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  1. respect the shoes / Sep 25 2011 4:30 pm

    I usually pack too light for things – then end up at a location with not the right things, realize what I did brought doesn’t work for whatever reason, I have no comfortable shoes, etc., etc. There’s something to be said for having options.

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