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October 29, 2011 / ilegirl

Strength and femininity

Cole Haan Air Bacara in Dark Gull Grey

It’s enlightening to read style blogs – not just to see the photos but to read the posts and correlate the image and words.  What fascinates me is how my mind has formed those familiar perceptual short-cuts which lead me to reach a quick conclusion about a person based on how they present themselves; in reading the posts of some such I often find my processes have led me to an incorrect conclusion.

As an example, I may see the blogger’s OOTD in which she is clad in feminine flouncy skirt, sky-high heels, and wearing trendy accessories.  The brain (well, this one at least) might instantly decide:  she wouldn’t agree to go camping, she gets a manicure every week, she does Pilates, she wouldn’t consider entering a marathon, she is successful in her PR/advertising/sales career.

It’s such a pleasure when the words I read shake things up, and I learn she is a biochemist, married with 3 teenage children, living in Soho and practicing Bikkram yoga.

I sometimes wonder, how am I perceived?  On certain days when I’m in a mood I of course prefer to not have an answer to this question.  But it’s an interesting one to me, not so much because I worry about how I look – though I am concerned about this to the same extent as most women – but rather because I have such a struggle reconciling the inside me with the external me.  This is largely the impetus for my detour from other more esoteric topics on this blog into style.  I wonder, perhaps this is a motivation for other bloggers in the style sphere.

Anyhow, these thoughts are on my mind today as I’ve been wandering through shoe sites looking for the perfect apparel for the peds.  And these shoes appeal to me, because they are sporty yet feminine.  I like to think of myself as feminine but not fragile.


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  1. LeeAnn / Oct 31 2011 3:03 pm

    I also like surprising people when they find out I am not what they expect – but it takes a while to find that out. The older I get, I think (hope) that I am slower to jump to conclusions based on what I see. I like those shoes!

  2. Shelley / Jan 6 2012 11:51 pm

    Interesting…I’ve been looking around for an ‘about’ section. Reading this, I find I’m drawing the conclusion that you are relatively young; well, at 55 I suspect most bloggers are young relative to me… The clean bright design of the blog gives me that impression as well. Funny how we humans make these assumptions, isn’t it?

  3. ilegirl / Jan 7 2012 1:23 pm

    Thanks, Shelley. I like to think of myself as young but in objective terms I’m considered middle aged. I just like green a lot!

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