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December 27, 2011 / ilegirl

12 Easy Pieces

2012 is on the horizon.  It’s time for some change.

Last night while my squeeze was watching the football game I made a list:  things to change.  For example, my garage is out-of-control messy and I am unable to fit my car inside.  I need to clean out then reorganize the stuff to keep so that I can make a change to park my car inside.  Another change might be stop smoking, and/or establish a regular walking routine.  Nothing earth-shattering for anyone else, but all useful, constructive changes I can make for myself and my family.

In the sartorial sphere, I listed some radical changes.  The first is to address Buyer’s Remorse, which I’d estimate is something I experience at such a high rate as to be judged extreme.  Impulse purchasing is a significant contributing factor, and the reasons for this pattern of disappointment typically fall into one of two categories:  ill-suiting colors, and poor quality.

The latter is really difficult for me.  I undertook some OOTD exercises some months back to help myself see which colors flatter and which leave me looking cadaverous, and though I have gained some insights around the paler tones I continue to struggle with saturated hues.  However, my temporary solution is to avoid deep tones for a while and return when I feel wiser.  This makes winter and professional wear challenging, as both tend toward flat and dark colors such as black, charcoal and dark brown, or venture into purples and reds with lots of blue undertone – a big no-no for my very pale beige complexion.  Still, enough options are available in caramel tones to get me through the season.

Poor quality is a much bigger problem in my closet these days, and yet the solutions are simpler.  I have the good fortune of having two friends who are skilled seamstresses and some experience of my own with needle and thread, so I am usually capable of determining whether a garment is made well.

What I need to do is clear:  Invest in higher-quality pieces.  Buy classic pieces.  Use a tailor if needed to customize fit. When I get bored with one of these pieces, store it carefully and don’t give in to the temptation to consign them – I will, without doubt, later regret the loss (I am still pining over 2 pieces I let go:  a pair of camel wool trousers, and the perfect Little Black Dress).

For 2012, then, I plan to acquire a quality garment each month.  Perhaps a great trouser, a beautiful cashmere sweater,  a day-dress; whatever I select, that one piece must meet some criteria:

  • versatile – something I’d choose to wear several times a week
  • classic – clean lines that pair well with other garments
  • comfortable – no pulling, scratching, or adjusting required

Born Vivi boots


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