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January 15, 2012 / ilegirl

Fair trade fun

This evening I idly keyed in a search for sweaters made in USA and received the usual google crap that includes stuff not matching my selection criteria.  Instead of cursing the silicon cow I was pleased to see the list included Fair Indigo which offers shopping  options including recycled, organic, USA made, and reclaimed items.

After wading through the requisite peace-symbol tee shirts (which would, I have to admit, be cute and comfy for those summertime walks with Sadie), I ran across this intriguing cardi from a company called Tabask.

Turns out Tabask has a full line of such creative patterned sweaters.

Needless to say, I bookmarked both sites.



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  1. Shelley / Jan 19 2012 7:45 am

    The Tabask website looked really interesting. As a petite (short with narrow shoulders) person I doubt much they have would fit. Also the boucle sweaters looked really bulky (I’d be as wide as I’m tall!). Loved the ‘coral inspired’ scarves. Strangely, I didn’t find a single price listed! I’m guessing it’s not free…

  2. ilegirl / Jan 19 2012 7:57 pm

    Yes, I suspect it’s simply a teaser for us retail buyers. They’re in the midst of visiting trade shows, so sounds like they may be wholesaling only.

    I didn’t see the scarves, but you’re so right – the ‘coral’ were so pretty! I love the rosewood color.

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