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January 28, 2012 / ilegirl

Scouting expedition

This morning Stephanie and I hiked the sartorial expanse of Fourth Street in Berkeley, foraging for a planned Fancy Pants excursion next month.

Weather conditions were perfect, and we had both prepared well by dressing in comfortable layers. A conveniently-located Peet’s allowed us to remain adequately hydrated.

Thanks to Stephanie’s familiarity with the area, we navigated easily and visited several wonderful shops. My favorites were all distinctive for being well-curated. Margaret O’Leary was tops, with attentive and sincerely friendly shop-keepers, tidy displays and a well-stocked storeroom. Dressing rooms were sized comfortably and well-lit.

My second favorite – and the only store in which I made a purchase (which will be the topic of a future post) was Molly B. Overall the stock was less aligned with my tastes, but the few pieces that appealed were simple and beautifully made. Shop keepers here were helpful and courteous.

Less pleasantly arranged was Erica Tanov. Though this may in part be due to the sale they were having, the stock was not organized well, the aisles were too narrow, and the number of dressing rooms meant a long wait. Shop keepers were nowhere to be seen, with the exception of one whose unfortunate and unpleasant task was to stand at the door – presumably to deter potential shoplifters.



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  1. Shelley / Jan 29 2012 1:57 am

    Sounds very business-like. Did you have fun? Will look forward to seeing what you bought!!

  2. ilegirl / Jan 29 2012 3:03 pm

    It was a blast! I’m just about to post some outfits wearing my new jacket.

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