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February 4, 2012 / ilegirl

Style Goals

After reading The Importance of Setting Style Goals on You Look Fab, I reflected on my own goals for the coming year.

The top priority for me is acquiring one special piece per month, each of which must meet a set of standards including high quality construction, classic style, flexible use in my overall wardrobe, and appropriate engagement of my affections.

Perhaps within that framework, I would like to find blouses with feminine, but not frilly, details suitable for everyday wear.  This has not been an easy task given my somewhat-irrational aversion to polyester and the recent proliferation of ruffles in the mall brands.   I’m seeking the sort of blouse one might imagine a young Lauren Bacall wore, in a silk crepe perhaps, with pretty shell buttons.

Finally, I am interested in returning to a true casual style – less of a jeans-and-tee aesthetic.  Something which better reflects my personality, which is comfortable.  In truth, I don’t particularly like jeans and tee shirts.  For me, only the men’s cut 501s are comfortable; other jeans tend to feel overly restrictive and dig into my body in strange and often uncomfortable ways.

For example, yesterday was casual Friday at work, and as we have a no-denim dress code (which I think is ludicrous) I wore this outfit:

Later, when it was too late, I recalled I could have added a bright yellow scarf for some personality and pop, and wished for a more colorful underlayer to hint at something more interesting than a simple white long-sleeve fitted tee.  Though not shown in the pics, I wore black loafers with contrasting top-stitching – not a pair of shoes I love by any means, but expedient.  I have my eyes on a pair of smoking-slipper-style loafers festooned with a bit of embroidery, which would add a bit of fun to the casual look.

Trotters Liz II



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  1. Shelley / Feb 5 2012 2:14 am

    Thanks for pointing out the Style Goals post on YouLookFab. I have that site on my bloglist, but rarely get that far down the list. Perhaps it needs to come up the list a bit! I’m pretty sure I’m a classic with a bit of artistic or hippie thrown in to keep it interesting. My aim for the past year and this is to acquire new pieces only after I’ve identified a specific need, ie a long sleeved brown top. Also to shed the clothes I don’t truly love. I would like to lose a bit of weight as well, which would truly make all this a moving target. Not sure that I’m as committed to the last goal as I would need to be to make it happen. Love the slipper shoes, though I don’t think they would work well in this wet climate.

  2. ilegirl / Feb 5 2012 8:43 am

    There is a similar shoe in unembellished leather, which would be more suitable for your climate. However, without the lace details it’s just the shape that is interesting.

    Sounds like you have some worthy goals for the year, too. Shedding those clothes one doesn’t love is an excellent one! Hope you have fun with it.

  3. tiny junco / Feb 5 2012 8:16 pm

    Yay! great new hair cut! it’s funny, i’ve been wanting to tell you that Angie at YLF always tells anyone starting a style refresher/overhaul/etc. to first sort out hair, bra, and glasses (if applicable). Hair is so important to style as we wear it all the time! And i find it’s important to consider how it enhances or fits in with your style persona as well. It’s quite possible to have a very flattering hairdo that is just at odds with your style goals or isn’t contributing as it could. My long, layered ‘do was great but i felt that it didn’t really contribute to the overall style i’m going for.

    On a deeper level this gets toward my philosophy that so much of personal style consists of what you choose not to do or participate in, as much or even more so than what you do decide to do…..

    an auspicious start for you!! love, stpeh

  4. ilegirl / Feb 5 2012 9:47 pm

    Thanks, Steph! I like the new haircut too. It was quite literally the result of Wednesday morning’s frustration with the unruly layers of lank locks leading me to the local salon during my lunch break.

    Makes sense that hair is a foundation. I’m not enthralled with a traditional bob in general, but what I DO like are the neat edges and ease of maintenance. It’s a big step for me to figure out what I like, and what also works for me.

    I’m beginning to understand at a more visceral level what you mean about determining what one doesn’t like is equally or more important than what one does like.

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