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February 12, 2012 / ilegirl

Blast from the past

Reading Stephanie’s Bombing Around post inspired me to search the ‘sphere for retro-hip shoes.

First, these Boutique 9 Beldina lace-up pumps in grey/natural are pretty cute.  I can imagine wearing these with a tailored trouser suit, but also to add some contrast to a feminine day dress.  If they are comfortable – and a couple of reviews imply they are, though they don’t look to me as if there is enough cushioning – I’d wear them with jeans, shorts, whatever.

Next, these Fidji E790 lace-up pumps have a solid retro feel with a bit of tough stud detailing balanced by the triangular cutouts.  To me, these details adds an edge without pushing it over a line into costume or fetish.

These Volatile Ragtime Oxfords are inexpensive, in part because they are synthetic, but the styling with the ribbon caught my eye, as did the sheen (you have to look very closely – but these are super-shiny).  These are along the lines of school-girl cute, though if they were leather I’d snap them up and wear  to work with trousers.  Unfortunately, my feet … er, glow …  a bit too much when confined in synthetic materials.

In the same category, and also by Volatile, are these Dixieland oxfords.  The play on a men’s wing-tip with the feminine tie keeps the look fresh, and I think it’s super cute.

I wasn’t too sure about this next shoe until I inspected the details – particularly the hint at menswear wingtip perfing with the contrasting heel, which itself sits at the middle of the heel implying both retro-modern styling and a solid supportive structure.   I think these would also pair well with career wear.

My favorite of the bunch is this girly pump – All Black’s Fish Bow.  The grommets through which the ties run can easily be rethreaded with different ribbon to mix things up, so a gal isn’t limited to the black that comes with the shoe.  And the texturing on the leather is really different without being so extreme that it would limit where these could be worn.  I’d wear to work with trousers, but also with skirts and dresses, and semi-dressy as well as mostly casual occasions.  These also received great reviews, with the caveat that they run a full size small.



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  1. Shelley / Feb 12 2012 9:16 am

    Gorgeous shoes, every one! Having thick ankles and relative short legs (I complain about my body a lot, don’t I?) I would only wear any of these with trousers, but they would still be lovely. I’m thinking from what I remember of your photos that you could wear these with skirts and look great.

  2. ilegirl / Feb 12 2012 9:58 pm

    Sweet! I wear trousers a lot – so frequently, I’ll consistently receive comments at work on the occasions when I do manage to wear a dress or skirt. So hey – if a shoe works for trousers and not skirts, that’s great!

    I have big feet for my height, and go through phases where I’m very self-conscious of this. With age, they seem to be getting wider, too!

  3. respect the shoes / Feb 13 2012 7:12 pm

    The dixieland oxfords are so cute – they are girlie in a tomboyish way, right up my alley!

  4. ilegirl / Feb 13 2012 7:46 pm

    Aren’t they darling? I’d so love it, and buy them in a hot second, if they were in leather!

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