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April 1, 2012 / ilegirl

Comfort v. Style?

Must there be a choice sometimes between comfort and style?

I am sad because these shoes are so pretty but they hurt my feet.

I’ve decided however to take them to the cobbler to see whether he can stretch the straps at the toes to make these comfy.

I have a suspicion that this may be a vain effort, but hey I’m a vain gal ;).




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  1. Shelley / Apr 7 2012 5:09 am

    They are pretty shoes, but blisters and the like are not pretty. I see girls all the time here in England wearing heels so high they cannot walk gracefully in them – what’s the point in that? I don’t walk very well in anything that hurts my feet, so a lot of my shoes are pretty boring, but comfortable. I’m hoping to find some ‘cute’ shoes to enjoy even it they aren’t great for long distance walking (but they still can’t hurt or I won’t wear them at all).

    • ilegirl / Apr 7 2012 7:30 am

      Exactly. Hoping the cobbler can help me! They look like towering heels, but they’re really not all that high. The illusion of more height is something I find most appealing.

      There are some young women at my company who wear 5″ heels, and I see them tottering about threatening to fall and hurt themselves. Heaven help them on stairs!

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