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April 4, 2012 / ilegirl

Orange you glad

Vintage Shoe Company 'Morgan'

I’m going through a thing with shoes.  I am frequently disappointed in my shoes.  I look in my closet and with a few exceptions I am not pleased with what I see.

So I idly browsed Zappos this evening and decided to search for orange flats.  And I found these.  They are made by Vintage Shoe Company, in a factory in Pennsylvania.  Presumably this isn’t a sweatshop either, though what would I know – the last time I was in PA, I was 5 years old and stood staring at a bell with a big crack in it wondering why did my dad drag us to this dreary place?

Whoa – but I digress.  Really, I need to work on that.

At any rate, the orange shoe: pretty.  Even though it has a bow on it and I have a sort of thing about bows.  Hmmmm …. seems like I have a thing about a lot of things.

American made.  Nice color.  Now on my wish list.


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