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April 19, 2012 / ilegirl

Dress code pilot project

Cool weather prevailed last week, with much rain and a surprisingly prolific show of thunder and lightning (setting my poor pooch over the edge).

I was cozy and comfy, and quite happily participating in a pilot project at work for which we are wearing denim on Fridays with no repurcussions.

  • Denim skirt – Ann Taylor
  • Cashmere turtleneck – Charter Club
  • Vest – Coldwater Creek
  • Boots – Anne Klein


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  1. Shelley / Apr 19 2012 11:45 pm

    Gosh, I was thinking you had a ‘Dress Code Project’ you were working on and this was just the pilot… Slightly different scenario, but then again you do talk about finding your style, which is a form of ‘dress code project’. Dressing down for work can be a fun and stimulating change. When I worked at a university here in Britain, though, it seemed a contest to see who could be the scruffiest, supposedly to make the statement “I’m here to think lofty, intelligent thoughts; I don’t have to conform to any dress code.” It seemed to me the more stressful the atmosphere, the more casual people dressed….it got rather demoralising. Far better, I think, to make an effort for a career one values. You still look very smart in spite of wearing denim.

    • ilegirl / Apr 20 2012 3:08 pm

      Ooooh I just couldn’t imagine working in Human Resources and having to do such a thing like writing a dress code! Ever so glad to be working in technology where the problems have to do with non-human stuff like code and servers.

      I DIG your description of working at the university! Indeed, I can picture these types vying for the badge of honor as Least Tidy. I would see this type of seeming arrogance as a mask for insecurities, and find it a bit sad.

      There is a gent here at work who never, ever irons the cotton shirts he daily wears, and it makes me wonder how he can look in the mirror without seeing someone unprofessional and low in self-esteem!

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