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January 8, 2013 / ilegirl

Broken resolutions

It’s only January 8th, but I’ve already slipped up.

Instead of buying one pair of comfortable shoes, I have now acquired two pairs. Is the fact that Pair #1 is actually a boot enough to exonerate me?


My dilemma: I travelled to Dallas for a work conference and stayed additional days to meet with colleagues. My feet hurt today, and the hotel offers a free shuttle. The closest entertainment is The Galleria, and The Walking Company was having a sale on these Umberto Raffini Ruby flats. Though they have a bit of bling and looked like they would make my feet look gargantuan, I took my friend’s advice and tried them on. Surprise – they don’t make my feet look any larger than usual, are comfy, and if I get tired of the rhinestones I can have my local cobbler remove them as they are actually buckles attached with a bit of sewn tubing rather than glued onto, or sewn into, the shoe.




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  1. Shelley / Jan 8 2013 10:18 pm

    I really like these shoes – bling and all! – and boots don’t count as shoes. They are completely different! I {gasp} bought some shoes and boots on Monday as well! I bought some Hunter wellies to a) walk on the beach and b) go to the horse races with a friend who has a share in a horse. In all the years I’ve lived here I’ve yet to see a horse race (a bit part of the culture!). Terry warned me he doesn’t spend much time in the seating area, but goes around all the muddy bits. He loves his gambling, Terry, but having a share in a horse apparently gives you access to places non-owners can’t go. I didn’t want to worry about muddy shoes and pants, hence the Wellies. The other shoes are some flat ballet slippers in a leopard print. I figured they would work as black shoes and as brown shoes. They will be delivered sometime in the next week.

    Happy 2013!

    • ilegirl / Jan 9 2013 7:41 am

      Wellies are the epitome of practicality. I have a pair for gardening and they are a godsend with the mucky, clay-heavy soil in my yard.

      Horse races sounds intriguing, and how cool is it to have such access! Have a great time with this new experience. I anticipate reading about the outing on your blog.

      What brand did you find for the leopard-print slippers? I’ve found the brown and black very versatile; good strategy.

  2. respect the shoes / Jan 12 2013 2:43 pm

    I dig the shoe bling – I don’t think they are too over-the-top or anything and they’re clear, so they still go with everything. And black ballet flats that are comfy – must-have for every closet, imo!

    • ilegirl / Jan 12 2013 2:54 pm

      I agree – the rhinestones are surprisingly neutral so the shoe is not as occasion-specific as I had thought when I first noticed them. We’re it not for my achy toes and the SALE sign, I would not have tried them – very glad I did. The same style is available in a print and I plan to stalk them until they too are n sale.

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