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July 24, 2013 / ilegirl

Shoe revue part 3

Walnut Creek is a nice place to live most of the year, as there are lots of pretty trails to explore, the highest ratio of restaurants to residents in the region, and a to-die-for shopping district.  But during the summer, it gets hot.  Hot.  And I am a wuss when it comes to heat.  I get cranky, and a little bit depressed.


After a long trek and windblown afternoon at the shoreline dog park

To escape the heat, my husband and I drove out toward the Bay, and walked the dog along a rugged shoreline.  She enjoyed splashing in the water, and we enjoyed the refreshing wind.

I decided to wear my grey Sanita sandals as I was convinced these would be comfortable, knowing I’d be strolling along a trail and occasionally clambering down to a rocky beach.  I was destined to be mistaken.


About midway through our walk, I felt a stabbing pain at midfoot, and realized these shoes have got to go.  While they are well-constructed, comfortably cushioned and otherwise nicely engineered, there is something missing:  rearfoot control.

I learned about rearfoot control by reading Dr. Cathleen McCarthy’s blog, Podiatry Shoe Review.  Dr. McCarthy provides lots of information about shoes suitable for those with foot-related problems and does a great job of explaining the whys and wherefores without dumbing down the data.  Plus, she finds some very cute yet functional and foot-healthy shoes.

So this particular style of Sanita sandal doesn’t work for my feet, but I’m not writing off all Sanita sandals and clogs.  I think they’re worth a try – as long as they have a strap that runs round the back of my foot.  In fact, in a simple Google search for Sanita sandals I found several options that I would be happy to try.

Verdict:  consign

  • Tank – Banana Republic
  • Skirt – love21
  • Shoes – Sanita Dicte sandals

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