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July 27, 2013 / ilegirl

Shoe revue part 6

I cleaned my closet today – emptied it of everything, vacuumed fiercely, washed the floor with some Murphy’s oil soap (love it!), and finished off by refreshing the cedar planks with some cedar oil spray.  The bedroom now stinks of cedar, but it’s worth the temporary inconvenience of a odoriferous closet to ward off the nasties that lunch on mohair.


Today I wore the Jeffrey Campbells for a short time, as I putzed around house and yard most of the day in grungies.  They were moderately comfortable, though they felt tight along the right side of my right foot in such a way that the accursed word bunion crossed my mind.  I think they are salvageable, though, so I’m taking them to the cobblers to be stretched on that one side.

I also wore them with drugstore gel insoles, and no-shoe socks.  The no-show socks and insoles seemed to be a bad combination, as the socks kept slipping down then bunching up under my heel.  I removed them all together after 30 minutes, and the problem was resolved.

I think these look really cute with the linen skirt, and I was inspired to ramp up the look slightly by adding a scarf – something out of the ordinary for me on a stay-in-town-and-run-errands Saturday.  I mean, my big outing was to Lunardi’s to get some Cherry Garcia Froyo, and while Lunardi’s is a really nice store I don’t typically dress up for a visit.

This exercise of trying a different pair of my shoes each day forces me to focus on my peds in a new way.  It’s a good thing.  Because cleaning the closet necessarily involved removing the shoe tree, I inspected each pair; I proactively dropped 2 pair in the bag destined for consignment, as one was backless thereby missing the requisite rearfoot control, and the other just plain awful ugly and not comfy enough to compensate.

Everyone’s feet are different, so what may be painful for me may work beautifully on another.  I’m hoping such is the case with the shoes I’ve relegated to the consignment bag – I don’t want to compound my wastefulness by contributing to landfill.


Verdict: keep for now, but alter

  • Skirt – Charter Club
  • Top – Banana Republic
  • Scarf – no label; ivory with random squiggly orange and grey patterning
  • Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Kelley

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