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August 3, 2013 / ilegirl

Shoe revue part 9

You’d think the Tuesday after being on vacation would be an improvement.  No, not at all.  I was even more tired than on Monday.


I realized that it’s likely because I was napping during my vacation.  I’m a reasonably active person, but I love a good nap.

Since napping is discouraged at the office, I turned to caffeine.  Caffeine is a gateway to donuts.  And you know where donuts lead!

It’s a good thing God created heels.  Heels help to disguise the results of donuts.  However, in this picture I don’t look quite a svelte as I prefer.  I’ll blame it on the angle at which I have the jacket open.  Yeah, that’s the problem.

I wore these low heels with lace-trimmed no-show black socks, and they were not uncomfortable until the late afternoon, when my delicate piggies felt achey.  I’m going to keep these for now, but will definitely try them again and ban them if (a) I find a more comfortable pair of low heels that are equally cute, or (b) experience sharp pain.


Verdict:  keep for now

  • Jacket – Lucky Lotus by Lucky Brand
  • Top – Cabi
  • Trousers – Elie Tahari
  • Shoes – Hush Puppies Phillipa

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