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August 4, 2013 / ilegirl

Shoe revue part 13

On Saturday I had only a few outside errands to run, which was a nice change from the usual hectic zipping about to this and that shop.


I wore my DKNY gold sandals, which honestly are not favorites. They feel rather wider than necessary, so the straps are not snug on the foot. The flat gladiator style is also not particularly flattering on the feet. When I look down at my feet during the day, they look enormous. And while I do have larger- than-average feet for my height, they are by no means abnormally ginormous.

On the comfort scale, these do not rank high either. While they offer more arch support and cushioning than competing gladiator styles, overall they are still very flat and the sole too flexible for my feet.

I bought them for a Hawaii vacation a couple of years ago, and they were on sale. Even so, I not certain that they are a good value considering how seldom I have worn them.

I think for now I’ll keep them and consign once I find a suitable and comfortable alternative.


Verdict: keep for now, shop for replacement

  • Skirt – Ann Taylor
  • Tank – Old Navy
  • Shoes – DKNY Sport Kallipso
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