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September 7, 2013 / ilegirl

It’s not always about shoes

But, it usually is.

I finally booked an appointment with a podiatrist, and went to my consultation on Friday. After an x-ray to eliminate a stress fracture as a potential cause of my toe pain, he did a physical exam and told me he’s 90% certain I have a neuroma. He also mentioned I have an unusually flexible foot, which – combined with overly flexible shoes – may be a contributing factor to the formation of the thing.

There’s a lot of conflicting information available about the cause and appropriate shoe for neuromas.  Some state that a soft and flexible sole are appropriate, while others indicate that a rigid sole provides needed support.  My doctor is of the latter camp, and since he has a lot more experience than me where the foot is concerned I intend to follow his suggestions.  If these don’t bring symptom relief, I’ll simply try a different approach.  The worst case is surgery, and I will try all other remedies before considering it as an option.  Though this nerve was described to me as essentially vestigial, going under the knife is not an appealing option.

I have a thing about having my feet touched.  It bothers me to an irrational excess, so I was feeling quite pleased with myself for having sucked it up and let the (highly trained) professional handle my peds.  My reward: at our next appointment I get to bring my shoes in, try them on and discuss them.  I was pretty excited about this.  I wanted to run home to get my shoes and come back right away.

Some sad news about this neuroma is that the adorable Sperry’s I wore to the appointment were deemed unsuitable for this condition, as they are far too soft and flexible.  I suppose these, too will get listed on eBay.



Some good news is that I have a license to shoe shop.  Having sold a bunch of my uncomfortable shoes on eBay, I have a bit of play money and am eager to hit DSW.  I love flatforms, so perhaps I’ll have some luck and find a cute pair.  After some light web searches I found some interesting styles – the first perhaps suitable for a weekend rather than the office.

Sanita Xyla

Sanita Xyla


Dansko Dani

Dansko Dani


Shellys London Bridgette

Shellys London Bridgette






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  1. Lisa - respect the shoes / Sep 15 2013 2:53 pm

    I’m the same way about my feet getting touched – mostly because my feet are so ticklish! When I go to get a pedi and get my feet scrubbed, it’s all I can do to stay in my seat!

    (If you’re on the market for harder soled shoes, I recommend Seychelles. I have a few pairs and I have found them to have good insole padding but the soles themselves are pretty stiff).

    • ilegirl / Sep 16 2013 6:20 am

      Yeah, I’m extremely ticklish too. That’s probably the root of my aversion to having my feet touched!

      Thanks for the tip on Seychelles. Much appreciated, and I’ll try some on to see if they work! 🙂

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