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October 29, 2013 / ilegirl

Bespoke shoes

I have become a maximizer concerning shoes.  I’ve spent hours seeking just the right thing – but to no avail.  The challenge is, my feet require specific elements:  a rigid sole, support around the instep, and style.  My feet aren’t happy unless they look good.

Comfort shoes are great, but even with recent additions to the marketplace the choices remain limited.  I’ve spent too many hours studying sites, frustrated over a detail that is missing, styles not available in my size, or a color combination that is all wrong.

I’ve often thought, Why can’t I simply design my own shoe?  But I never did the requisite research until today.  It turns out, I can design my own shoe online, have someone make it, and ship it to me.

I decided to try Shoes of Prey, a 4-year-old Australian company.  The weather is beginning to turn chilly, and I need some oxfords to wear with my dress trousers.  I  designed a menswear-inspired shoe with a platform, and in colors which complement my wardrobe.  Here’s the design:

my shoes 1


I read about Shoes of Prey, and my concerns about online ordering were allayed by their liberal returns policy.  I expect the shoes to arrive in about a month, and if they meet my specifications the dalliance may blossom into a relationship.


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