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October 12, 2015 / ilegirl

Shoes – Comfort vs. Style

With Morton’s neuroma, hyper mobility, a recently sprained ankle and a bout of tendinitis, my peds are going through a challenging phase.  With only the one pair designed to serve me for a lifetime, I’ve reached the reasonable conclusion that health and comfort must take precedence.

In my case, this means that heels of any kind are anathema, and stability a must.  The hyper mobility issue may sound benign, but sadly excludes many sneakers, espadrilles, and woven styles like the adorable Bernie Mevs I wore when traipsing through Taiwan and Singapore last fall.  Being interested in style and ill-equipped to design and build my own shoes, I’m relying on the marketplace to supply my needs.  And fortunately, there are several comfort brands which recognize that a needy foot is frequently attached to a person who enjoys style.

My feet require shoes that meet these criteria:

  • Rigid sole
  • Rear foot control
  • Mid foot support
  • Cushioned footbed

Here are some shoes on my latest wish list.

Naot Riviera

The upside: I have a good experience with Naot.

The downside: Zappos only offers these in black.  


Steve Madden Babe

 The upside: with the current trends in business casual, I can get away with wearing these to work
The downside: these ar only available in grey and white, so not a lot of options


Dansko  Tandy

The upside: this is a maryjane that marries sporty and sweet so I can wear with both jeans and skirts

The down side is that like the Naots above, Zappos only offers this in black



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