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November 13, 2015 / ilegirl

Starting from scratch

I’ve done a bit of reading (including perusing delightful lists such as this one by Studio Alexandra), and have decided to begin my wardrobe afresh. Well, almost; I can’t reasonably toss my entire closet immediately as I must wear clothes to work (in fact, it’s the written dress policy: you must wear clothes). With a focus on quality and an understanding of my personal style, I plan to pare down the noise while building up the core pieces.

I’ve learned quite a lot over the two decades I’ve spent acquiring and discarding many articles of clothing. But perhaps the biggest lesson is that a style I may like isn’t necessarily a good choice for me. The most vivid example are shoes – I love the look of heels, but neither my damaged feet nor my active lifestyle can accommodate these symbols of femininity. I love them, I admire them, and yet they bring me nothing but pain. Quite reminiscent of some boys I dated in my youth. They are forever banished from my life.

Another example is the menswear style. I am drawn to menswear details, but I find myself terribly uncomfortable and self-conscious when actually wearing these styles because when I appear androgynous I am disconcerted. I like and admire the edginess of others whose style veers in this direction, but for myself – it’s just not for me.

Because beginning afresh means investing, I’m spending time understanding what I want to achieve before shopping.  My fantasyland is a closet of highly curated pieces, each of which goes with the others.  It is a closet of garments that are comfortable, attractive, and versatile.  It’s a closet I can open in the morning and easily  build an outfit that fits well, looks good, and lends a bit of fun and radiance to my day. It is, in fact, a capsule wardrobe.

More, later.


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