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November 14, 2015 / ilegirl

False Start

I’m not a sports person.  However, I’ve picked up enough sports phrases over many years of marriage to a football fan that I can hold my own in brief sports-related conversations, and comprehend a few sport-based analogies.  And at times, I can coin my own twist on a sports analogy when appropriate.  This is such a time.  I am in fact rather excited to share it because the realization dropped on me like a sudden hailstorm, and I’d like to get it down on virtual paper before the moment passes.

False start.  I moved before the whistle.  And that hailstorm of insight was the whistle.

I had gone into the intellectual exercise of planning my wardrobe from a what’s appropriate for work perspective.  I had begun jotting on paper the lists of core pieces, and each time I reached the point of finally listing out what this set of foundation pieces ought to consist of I experienced a strong sense of dissatisfaction.  

The Insight

I stopped and filed the dissatisfaction away for processing, and while tidying up at the end of the evening the insight arrived: 

my style is defined by what I pick out of the closet on those days when I am not obligated to work.  What do I wear when I am not at work? 

Taking this a shuffle further, I began to understand a few rather odd habits I have developed.


First, I segregate my clothes based on activity.  This is fine for extreme situations; I’m not going to have a run down the trail wearing gold strappy sandals and a ballgown, of course.  However, I realized that on weekends I preserve clothes for work that I would otherwise want to wear when meeting my friend for a stroll in the farmer’s market or heading out for a movie.  I won’t slip on a tweed jacket because that’s for work.  I won’t wear a skirt and tights because that is for the office.  

What would happen if I simply picked what I wanted to wear?  Would the earth open beneath me and swallow me up?  Would the universe and all I care about cease to exist?  Why in the world do I compartmentalize when doing so is draconian?

Yes, definitely falls into the category of first world problem.


Secondly, I play little mind games with myself about my clothes.  I make deals with … God?  Myself?  Whatever and whomever, I squirrel away things I love to save for special occasions, and then these pieces gravitate into an upstairs closet where they remain idled inside a garment bag.  Why?  Because they were expensive, and – God forbid! – I can’t wear expensive clothes unless there is a reason to wear them.  And inevitably, those special occasions are so rare that these lovely items live in a far-off land filled with unicorns and rainbows.

Wouldn’t I like to live in a land with unicorns and rainbows?  Why do I not deserve to live in that land too?  

The experiment

My project for the next 2 weeks will be desegregating my clothes and returning those exiled, expensive pieces to my everyday closet.

More, later.


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