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November 14, 2015 / ilegirl

Putting a name to it

Discovering one’s style is an evolution, and for me this will be an effort filled with attempts and failures.  Winter fast descending, I am itching to boost my collection of warm layers but am holding myself back in order to evaluate my sartorial direction so that I refrain from repeating the mistakes that have brought me to this discontented moment.  So, I start with a look to the past.

When I refer to my old OOTD posts I see many losers but also a few winners.  The winners are simple layers embellished with a detail – turtleneck and a pullover with pearls, as an example.  It isn’t that this look is particularly striking in itself, though the argyle makes me smile.  It is that I look at the outfit and feel familiar and comfortable:  this is me.  

Clues like this help me to articulate my style.   I call it classic because though this photo was from 3 or 4 years ago I could wear the same pieces without feeling like a fashion faux pas.  Too bad I’ve gained too much weight since then to fit into any of these particular garments.

Not everyone needs to put a name to their style, but it works for me.  Some have a much more organic process, and seem to effortlessly find their flow with beautiful results.  Me – I’m a moderate rule-follower, which means I like having a general framework, and will periodically push against the definition to express my creativity.  Plus, my innate minimalist tendencies compel me to endlessly categorize and refine.

Next, color.


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